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    From our guests


Fantastic lodge on the Ruaha River!

The stay at the Ruaha River Lodge was a nature experience for us five travelers! Because of COVID-19 we were the only guests and we were very well looked after! The end of the mask requirement was finally over! The accommodations were large and spacious, the beds very good for sleeping. The food was excellently cooked and very good. The cook and the staff gave everything, we were very satisfied! The manager also looked after us every day. We were allowed to enjoy four nights in the nature of Ruaha NP. The road from Iringa to the lodge is 125 km long and difficult to drive on. But a longer stay at the lodge makes you forget the hardships of the journey. You could also reach Ruaha Park by light aircraft. The lodge is highly recommended, even at the beginning of February!



Safari right from Camp

This was my only camp on the trip which had rock cabanas for sleep. I thought I wouldn't like not having canvas but there were big screen windows all around the main room which still gave you the feeling of being right there. The main room is like a spacious studio with a living room space and 2 large beds. The ensuite is gigantic with a wonderful shower. You have a front porch overlooking the river filled with birds and animals. I had an elephant come down one night and a hippo another. The dining area also has a great view of the river. The food was good and they accommodated my dietary needs. The staff was fantastic.



A wonderful place to be.
After a long travel from Mikumi to Ruaha we were really surprised about this lodge. It was like a dream - the kindness of the staff, the area and the sight from the lodge to the river. We enjoyed every minute there and after long safari trips every meal - especially the lunch in the area with the beautiful sight which is situated a little higher.

We have seen a group of elephants directly in front of our room. When we were sitting on our balcony, they were about 2 metres from us.

We love this place and probably will come back!

~ 11/11/2021

Philipp J

Trip Advisor

'Uniquely situated on the banks of the Ruaha River'

Uniquely situated on the banks of the Ruaha River, the beautifully decorated and spacious chalets have amazing views of the river and all the wildlife that call the river home.
From the deck of our chalet literally built on the water's edge, we could enjoy the noisy interaction of the hippos, the coming and going of giraffes and antelopes on the opposite bank, the nesting of birds on a tree standing in the middle of the water and the tranquillity of this amazing, magical world
We had never before seen the river so full. It was an incredible sight.
As we have lived in East Africa most of our lives, we knew that during the rains in April, visiting the Park was definitely not the best time, to say the least. The thick vegetation and the abundancy of water would make for poor wildlife sightings, but, it was our only chance of going this year, so we had to go!!
And so it was. The game was few and hard to find but lovely Ruaha River Lodge, the friendly and efficient staff and the mighty Ruaha River made our trip worthwhile.

~ 25/10/2021


Ruaha River Lodge

Unforgettable expereince, loved every minute
I loved my stay at Ruaha River Lodge - spent 3 nights there as part of my Southern Tanzania trip.
It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited ( and I spent most of my adult life in Africa and seen a lot of amazing places). The guest bungalows are right on the river bank, so that you can sit on your deck and watch dozens of hippos in the water, or elephants, giraffes and even lions coming to the river ( haven't seen the latter but heard the roar). I wish I had booked an additional day just to do that, my only regret.
The bungalows are well designed and very comfortable, with good natural ventilation. I also loved the evenings around the campfire, where you can talk to the other guests and share your experiences. Or just marvel at the sky bright with starlight, and listen to hippos coming out for grazing. I cannot wait to go back to Ruaha NP, and spend another few unforgettable days at River Lodge.


Trip Advisor

Awesome Location!!!
An amazing hotel right on the river's edge, with spacious rooms and views. We saw hippos, elephants, giraffes, and antelopes sitting on our terrace!
The staff are very friendly and accommodating, and cater to all your requests. We had young kids, and grandparents, the staff was so patient with all their demands and needs.
The food was fresh and tasty, with a good selection.
We were celebrating a birthday and James decored the area for us beautifully.
We spend 2 nights there, it was absolutely the best experience.
Definitely recommended!!


Trip Advisor

Ruaha is a bit of a secret which means it's quiet...on safari you are mainly out on your own with your fantastic guide and driver...hunting with your eyes and camera. Exciting!



To have wildlife literally on your doorstop without having to go on a game drive was wonderful: one day we just sat on our verandah watching a herd of 30 elephants drinking at the river opposite.

Liz B


Exactly what we were hoping for - sitting on the terrace overlooking the river watching hippos, elephants, impala etc . The drives were top quality with the driver and guide so knowledgeable. Top marks to the chef for such quality food in such a location!