Ruaha was recently expanded by incorporating adjacent wildlife reserves to become the largest National Park in Tanzania.  Ruaha lies in the convergence zone where northern and southern hemisphere birds and mammal species overlap.  This results in an overwhelming number of birds (530 recorded) plants (1400) and a correspondingly large number of mammal species.



For a full list of mammals found in Ruaha National Park download the list at 
Ruaha has a large lion population as well as Hunting Dog, leopard, cheetah, Hyena.  Elephants are easily seen as well as Greater and Lesser kudu, roan, Sable and Eland antelope to mention just a few.



Ruaha National Park over 530 recorded bird species, more during the green season with visiting migrant species.  A full list can be downloaded.



There is nothing more refreshing to the eye than the band of green that clings to the banks of the Great Ruaha River as it winds it’s way through the rocky outcrops and mountains that punctuate this huge area of Tanzania. Away from the river, the landscape transforms dramatically from arid scrublands and grassland to lush green leaves and grasses once the rains begin.