A Tsetse repellant that works!
31 May 2015
Tsetse flies are a necessary evil of the bush and the reason that vast areas of Africa remain wild and uninhabited.  Here is a recipe for a repellant that we have tested in Katavi that is made of natural ingredients.

After spending years being plagued by Tstetse flies in many parts of Southern and Eastern Africa I have tried out a variation of a bug repellent similar to Skeeter Beater. This is 100% natural produce and contains no toxic DEET inclusions. The ingredients are ease to obtained in many Health Stores and Aromatherapy outlets and you can mix up a bottle to travel with/
The indegredients are:-
10 parts Lemon Tea Tree Oil
2 parts Sumatra Patchouli Oil
2 parts Atlas Cedarwood Oil
This mix should be added to neutral base oils such as sweet almond oil or more practically to sunscreen oil at a ratio of 10% repellent oil to 90% sunscreen or neutral oil. Thereby killing two birds with one stone!
If you have sensitive skin reduce to 5% repellent oil.
Test have shown the mix is incredibly effective and those using the oil seldom get bitten whilst those not using can be seriously pestered by these annoying ‘flying hypodermic needles!’
The Dogs are Back - Stanleys Kopje
02 February 2014
A Wild Dog sighting is always an exciting event but none more so when totally unexpected and in Camp.  The following report comes from Kate Corner manager at Stanleys Kopje.
This morning two Wild Dogs were seen near the Camp’s borehole and another single wild dog spotted near to the Mwanamboga  waterhole.
Another pair were spotted by guests  lying in the grass just before the baobab close to Camp.
The excitement of these sightings was shortly trumped.  During Breakfast, the waiter, Method heard a noise close to the dining room and an Impala hind jumped out of the bush and ran around the Dining Room closely chased by a Wild Dog.  The dog stopped at the top of the path joining Tents 1 and 2.  The Impala had now departed between the Kitchen and bathroom, so the Dog turned around and charged down hill past Tent 1 and the straight past Kate, the manageress, to close down on the Impala close to the Camps firebreak.
After some food, he left to find his brother who had a bad leg and then both Dogs returned to feed, with the fitter Dog regularly leaving to check for scavengers.
A rare treat!